Piano Lessons in NYC: The Best Pianists of The NYC Scene

When you’re taking piano lessons in NYC, it’s good to know that you’re surrounded by people who share your instrumental interests. What’s even better is that these people are the best of the best. New York has always been a major hub of the jazz piano scene as well as the classical scene, with the New York Philharmonic and the Metropolitan Opera.

With that said, let’s take a look at some of the shining staples of the New York City piano world:

Philip Glass – Where to start with Philip Glass? Described as one of the most influential composers of the late 20th century, Glass’s scores are minimalist masterpieces, originating with sounds from Bach and Mozart. He has written slews of symphonies, ensembles and scores for movies (three of which have been nominated for Oscars) and continues to dazzle. He has a few shows in NYC planned this summer so check in on his website every so often for glimpses of the music-man at work.

Philip Glass in front of his keys.

Philip Glass in front of his keys.

Jai Jeffryes – As the editor of New York Pianist, Jeffryes has a widespread knowledge of anything and everything that is metropolitan and stringed. Before he came to New York, he played all over the country as a solo and chamber pianist in famous ensembles. He is currently recording his first major album and continues to pop up all over the Five Boroughs.

Bruce BrubakerThis composer and pianist has been playing in New York for several years now and has been deemed “Young Musician of the Year” by Musical America for his interesting minimalist renditions of Mozart and Philip Glass’s work. He has played in L.A., Hong Kong, and other international hotspots and has been featured in the New York Times among other major media outlets. A self-described “visionary virtuoso and artistic provocateur,” you should go see him perform as soon as possible.

After you see one of these virtuosos in action, you’ll be itching to get back to your piano lessons in NYC.

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