Tips For Tutoring Students with Learning Disabilities

Learning Disability refers to the categorization of problems faced by some people in learning

Learning Disability refers to the categorization of problems faced by some people in learning

Learning Disabilities are problems faced by some people in learning in a specific way/style, generally due to unknown reasons. Students with learning disabilities struggle with receiving and processing information, and these people find it difficult to learn fast or carry out some typical jobs in a traditional style. Students with learning disabilities generally require special learning techniques and tutoring styles.

Students with Learning Disability must be explained only one thing at a time to avoid any confusion

Students with Learning Disability have special learning styles

• Strong and Weak Points: First of all, get familiar with the student’s strengths and weaknesses by having a conversation and by observing the way that he learns. You may need to use multi-sensory devices, multiple examples, spoken/written directions, charts/tables/maps for explanations, memory devices, role-play techniques etc. according to the need of the specific student.
• Break Up Lessons: Teaching slowly and clearly and in bite-sized chunks is the most effective way to ensure that your student comprehends what you are explaining. You may have to cover concepts more than once or for longer periods of time. The key points or theories must be underlined or highlighted. Take breaks to give time to the students to process and store the information.
• Review Regularly: Ask questions to check for understanding, and always review what you went over during the last session to make sure that everything sticks. Clarify any confusion immediately. Ask the students to explain the concepts to you in their own way.
• Relocate: You must choose a peaceful location free from any disturbances for tutoring such students. The capacity and ability of students to learn dramatically improves in quiet locations, as they are able to concentrate on a particular subject, being taught to them.
• Be Considerate and Supportive: Apart from using different techniques/methods to teach such students, the most important thing you can do is be understanding, affectionate, and caring. Your support is what will allow your students to succeed.

Tutoring students with learning disabilities is a challenging job, but it can yield dramatic results with the right approach. following appropriate guidelines.

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