How to Start Your Own Dance Crew

You can start your own dance crew in six simple steps. Here we tell you how to do it:

1. Dancers

The most essential part of any dance group is its dancers. So in order to form a dance group, the first thing you have to do is find people who dance well and are willing to be a part of your group. The places where you can recruit these dancers include: dance studios, YMCA centers, community centers, recreational centers, dance clubs etc. In order to make your search more thorough, and more effective, you can also use the Internet; namely Facebook, Twitter and other social networking websites.

2. Auditions

Once you already have a decently long list of names, the next thing to do is to determine the people who have potential. So find a place where you can play a CD player with speakers, fix the date, invite everyone on the list and ask them to perform on different tracks.

3. Name

After having picked up a crew, go on to decide all the cool names with the members of your still unnamed team. Let everyone come up with his/her suggestions and then decide.

4. Choreograph

It involves making tracks that fit your routine. You don’t have to put up with readymade stuff, so you can show a little imagination here in the choice of tracks for your moves.

5. Rehearsals

To have a successful dance crew, you will all have to practice every day. If it’s not possible for the members to meet every day, they can practice by themselves at home or at a dance school. But you have to make sure the crew meets at least once a week to have a group rehearsal. That will help the crew members know each other better.

Americas Best Dance Crew-Shhh9

Americas Best Dance Crew-Shhh9

To keep your dance crew together for a long time, you will have to start earning money. And at the beginning the only way to earn money is to perform. You can start with performing in front of family, friends and others. Then move on to local parties. Just be steadfast and slowly the word of mouth will make you famous.

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