Crazy Knock-Outs

Boxing is a game of hits in which rivals fight and try to beat each other in what are called knock-outs. Sometimes, a personal element of rivalry or a desire to move ahead of the opponent makes fights more dangerous. Some punches are so powerful that they become legend. Such knock-outs have been executed time and again in various boxing matches.
Punches exchanged between Floyd Patterson and Ingemar Johansson– Floyd was an American fighter while Johansson belonged to Europe. They fought against each other in the 1952 Olympics, and their fight became a power-struggle. Reign was in the hands of Johansson when he defeated his rival seven times in the first fight.  Johansson took revenge from Floyd in the second fight by knocking him out in the fifth round with a heavy punch.

Roy Jones’ intense punch for Jr. Montell Griffin in 1997– Both of these boxers were debarred in a match that resulted in Roy’s loss of his light heavyweight belt. To take  revenge on Montell, he later fought him again and executed a treacherous left punch on Griffin that knocked Montell out of the fight.

Mike Tyson’s Heavy Punch for Michael Spinks in 1988– The craziest punch executed by Mike Tyson was a right punch on Spinks in a Super Heavyweight fight. Michael was knocked out in the first 90 seconds of the fight by Tyson.

“The Perfect Punch” by Sugar Ray Robinson against Gene Fullmer– In his fight against equally powerful Fullmer in 1957, Ray fought four times with his rival. He executed a hard left punch in the fifth round and left Fullmer on the ground. This punch is known as “the perfect punch.”

Sugar Ray Robinson hitting Gene Fullmer- The Perfect Punch

Sugar Ray Robinson hitting Gene Fullmer- The Perfect Punch

Julian Jackson’s knockout on Herol Graham in 1990– Jackson, the middleweight champion, fought against Herol Bomber Graham for the unfilled WBC Middleweight title. In three rounds, Graham remained victorious. However, in the subsequent round Graham was out cold for five minutes after a hard-hitting right knockout carried by Julian.

Julian Jackson knocking out Herol Graham- A Hard Punch indeed!

Julian Jackson knocking out Herol Graham- A Hard Punch indeed!

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