Costume Tips for Your Recital

Performing in front of friends, family, judges, and large audiences can be a lot of pressure. It’s important to make the best of your performance – and one crucial aspect of performance that often goes overlooked is your appearance. Costume and makeup can be the extra edge that helps you win over the audience.

 Costumes– Prepare your costumes well in advance to avoid last minute problems. Make a list of all the costumes that you will need for your recital and keep them in one place. Make sure all the costumes are neat and clean, and check them for rips, stains, or other imperfections. If any alterations or modifications are required, get them done well ahead of time. Your costume should correspond well to your performance and fit you comfortably. Pay attention to your shoes as well because these also play an important part in any dance performance. Get them ready well ahead of time.


Perfect fit for Ballroom dance

Makeup– Keep everything you need in a makeup box that you can easily carry to the theatre. Some examples of what should be in it: hair nets, a hair brush, lipstick, eye-shadow, eye-liner, lip-liner, hair spray or gel, bobby pins, face-powder, and lotion. Apply makeup as close to the start of the show as possible. Your makeup should not be too bright or too light. It should correspond with your costume and age and make you look beautiful and lively.


Makeup Kit to Beautify the Ballerinas

Makeup Kit to Beautify the Ballerinas

Hairstyle- Apart from costumes and makeup, the hairstyle of a performer is important to the audience’s impression. Loose, rough, or flying hairs may interrupt your performance. When choosing a hairstyle, keep in mind that you should be able to dance freely without worrying about your hair. You may prefer to knot your hairs into a bun or ponytail. Make sure you apply gel or spray to keep your hair out of your face. Hair glitter can look nice from the stage. Remember that your hairstyle should also be in tune with your dress and performance.

Buns- The Best Choice for a Dancer

Buns- The Best Choice for a Dancer

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