Boxing for Disabled People

Boxing is a martial art that strives for unity in diversity. It’s a great self defense for any individual. It’s got more value these days due to the recent craze among people to become professional and amateur boxers. Now there are lots of organizations promoting the welfare of disabled people who want to box.

Amateur Boxing Association

Amateur Boxing Association

Amateur Boxing Association

It’s an association which mainly focuses on disabled people. Whether you’re a kid or an adult you get individual attention and training. It’s more fun to get trained as they tend to teach and help everyone personally according to their ability. Disabled children should be encouraged to try boxing or any kind of sport to socialize and be active. An activity like will keep kids engaged and help them shine in their life. The link below shows exactly how a disabled person can get involved in the boxing world.

Create a great career for the disabled

Disability Sport Wales – This organization has two programs called Active 8-16 and Boxercise for the disabled who wanted to try their hand at boxing. They encourage people who have disabilities such as Cerebral Palsy, as well as other conditions like ADHD, depression, OCD, etc to excel in the field of boxing. They follow four simple steps to train the students by creating space for them to box easily and give them the required task to compete, the equipment to fight, and finally the people involved who can give any extra attention required. If you have a disabled kid at home who might be interested, don’t hesitate to get involved.

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