Piano: What To Do If You Haven’t Practiced

New skills ought to be practiced regularly. As the proverb says, “Practice makes perfect.” This is applicable for all the arts, including piano playing. None of us are born pianists so only rigorous and dedicated practice would make one perfect. However, there might be some tense moments in the career of a young pianist where we might miss our homework some days. Learning piano is not like our academic studies, where we could come to school and do the pending homework before the concerned period.

Only when we are let to play the instrument will the teacher get to know whether we are working on the assigned work at home too. So if we failed to have regular practice, we will be nervous and panicky during the next class! When you are facing such a crucial scenario, do not get tense, first of all. Make it a point to confess to the teacher beforehand to avoid unwanted comments in front of other pianists! If you are asked to play the piece that you have not practiced, begin your piece with confidence and play it to the extent you are sure about. It is a normal attitude that your mistakes get smaller when your confidence improves!

Once you play the portion you know, confess that you are not sure about the rest and stop playing, rather than playing it wrong. The best two tips that every beginner pianist has to bear in mind are: first, learn playing the piano as fast as possible. Second, you have to practice until you can play even the smallest piece without mistakes. The more you work, the quicker can you excel in playing piano! If you’d like to get more into piano, we can help! If you’re in the New York City area, check out the piano classes and instructors on HeyKiki and find the perfect piano training for you. If you’re looking for someone in the NYC area to train with, we have piano buddies on HeyKiki just waiting to connect with you!
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Whatever you learn, make it a point to excel in it.

Whatever you learn, make it a point to excel in it.

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