Piano in Pop Music

The very word ‘pop’ can bring your mood to the highest level. As soon as you think of pop music, your mind naturally goes to heavy musical instruments like guitar, drumsguitar, drums and digitized sound effects. Don’t forget about the piano! Many pianists have become popular by using piano in their pop music. Alicia Keys was a classically trained pianist who knows the tactics of bringing the splendid combination of piano’s melodious tune with the rocking pop. Bluesy is the best example and speaks volumes about her talent.

Lady Gaga is another star who also know piano classically and used it in tracks like ‘Speechless’ to exhibit her talent of super remixing. Chris Martin the pianist whose music has the pride of being romantic and cherished got even more fame by using his piano music as pop. Not to be missed is Bruno Mars’ amazing piano playing style as he is rightly considered to be the ‘King of Melodies’ of the present era. Gavin De Graw too got the special notice of his audience via his sprightly pop piano music that came out at its best in songs like ‘Sweeter’ and ‘Chariot.’

Piano in Pop is a great success!

Piano in Pop is a great success!

There are still more pianists who have made piano famous using their pop style and just a few have been mentioned here. All these people have proved that piano need not just be melodious instrument but could also rock the floor!

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