Spotlight: Ohuokhai Dance

The Ohuokhai dance refers to the dance which was performed to the tune of song in a circle by the Sakha people. These Sakha people were cattle-breeders and worshippers of Sun. In the Ohuokhai dance three forms of art dancing, poetry and singing are combined. The Ohuokhai dance is a salutation to the sun and symbolizes the start of the summer season and a new life circle.

The dance is performed by making a circle. The dancers are arm in arm and hand in hand. Then the dancers produce flowing, refined movements with their legs, arms, feet and bodies. The lyric of the song is improvised by the leading singer and the same is replicated by others. The lead singer is also expert in poetry as well. The poetic improvisation of  is symbolic of one of the richest and most ancient genres of Sakha folklore.

The song of the Ohuokhai passes through a number of types of music such as walking tunes and operas. One specific singing technique of vocal cord vibration is Kylyhakh. An extra ordinary national Sakha coloring is provided by this technique which is quite praised by the professionals in throat singing. A significant role is played by the Ohuokhai in the progression of the arts related to music and choreography.

A way of worship through arts!

A way of worship through arts!

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