Tutoring: Boosting Confidence

Understanding students

Understanding students

Tutor plays a very important role in a student’s life. Tutors are not only the educators to the students they but are also responsible for developing their personality. They are role models to their students. For tutors the academic growth of the student is one part of tutoring; they also help and motivate their students in other spheres of lives. All together a tutor plays a vital role in shaping their student’s attitude towards their career and their lives.

Here are some techniques and tips that will help tutors to boost their student’s confidence:

1. Give personal attention: First and foremost, the tutor should understand each and every child of the group. By this the tutor would be aware about the strengths and weakness about the student and hence can work positively to enhance the student’s strengths and curb the weakness.

2. Give equal opportunities to all: The tutor should treat every kid equally and should give equal opportunities to the students. This will help them to recognize their potential and also overcome their fears.

3. Revise, revise and revise: For academic growth the tutors should make sure that students revise their syllabus properly, so that they are confident in examinations.

4. Be positive: The tutor himself or herself should maintain a positive approach towards any problem. Students treat their tutors as an example for them and react similarly. So, it is advisable that tutors should always appear strongly and positively in front of their students.

5. Encourage them to challenge limits: Tutors should encourage their students to challenge the limits. This will help them to achieve in their lives ahead.

We really hope that you can give the best to your students.

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