Great Yoga Poses for Your Neck

The neck is among the most flexible parts of the human body. Therefore, it is highly prone to pain, tension and uneasiness. While working in the same posture for long hours, one may suffer from various problems related to the neck. However, these problems may be overcome with the help of some specific yoga poses designed for the neck.

Sukhasana or Easy Pose- To perform this pose, sit cross-legged by bending your feet on a mat or a thick towel. The feet must be bent in such a manner that ankles and hip joints are protected. Following this, extend through the apex of your head and put a light yoga block made of foam on top of your head. The head must be lifted up while sliding your shoulder blades down and contract the front ribs inwards. Remain in the same position for 30-60 seconds. It helps in maintaining elasticity of discs.

Uttanasana- It is performed by standing with feet at the distance of hip-width and placing hands on the top of thighs and bending frontwards with a flat back and small curve in the lower back. You will look like an L shape. Then fold at the waist while contracting the quadriceps and hamstrings as well as the front and back of thighs. Grasp your elbows by bending the arms and make your head to fall towards ground. Keep in same position for a number of breaths. Then position your hands on thighs and contract the lower abs. Then lift your head and chest simultaneously. It helps in providing grip to all the seven vertebrae of the neck.

Strengthening neck by way of yoga!

Strengthening neck by way of yoga!

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