Working with a Frustrated Piano Student

Though the arts should be fun, not at all times could be we able to maintain that enthuse. Being a good piano teacher, it is our duty to see that this stimulation never reduces till the piano classes are over. Overcoming with the little pianists’ tension and frustration is too difficult when compared with the elder ones, as the latter tend to realize their role in being a good pianist. Also, they know their goal of coming to piano classes, while that would be lagging in little ones. So make it a point to keep your piano classes fun and joyful.

Check for the signs like wandering eyes, blank looks, and a lack of concentration in your budding pianists as these all tell you that the pianist is getting frustrated. So, give them a break and shift over to some games. You are a smart teacher if you bring in some of your piano sessions in your games too. Encourage them to undergo regular practice, but do not tax them or compel them as you might with academic homework.

Never allow your student to get aggravated while learning piano!

Never allow your student to get aggravated while learning piano!

More importantly, realize that the main reason for an adult pianist to get frustrated is that he feels that he is wrong while playing a piece. So make him to feel at ease and let him practice and comprehend that practice means to try out something, right or wrong and learn from their mistakes. Working with a frustrated student could be made easy if you first target in removing the negative feelings within him and bring him to neutral feeling finally transform into an enthusiastic pianist. Sounds easy! Is it not? If you’d like to get more into piano, we can help! If you’re in the New York City area, check out the piano classes and instructors on HeyKiki and find the perfect piano training for you. If you’re looking for someone in the NYC area to train with, we have piano buddies on HeyKiki just waiting to connect with you!

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