Piano: How Much You Should Practice a Day?

Piano Practicing session

Piano Practicing session

If you have just started piano lessons and you really want to become an excellent pianist, then you might be unsure as how much time you should devote to your everyday practice so that you can improve your performance.

But you do not have to worry at all; we have got some tips for you that will help you to determine the time you need to devote to your piano practice:

Expert View: According to the well known pianist Rubinstein, four hours are the ideal time to practice playing piano. Many other pianists share the same point of view. It has also been observed if you practice more than the required it is as harmful as no or little practice.

Practice with Breaks: It is recommended that one should not practice mindlessly, do it with breaks. If you are practicing for say 45 minutes together then take a 15 minute break and just relax or have a walk around the room. It will help you to improve your productivity.

Practice Deliberately: You should have deliberate practice sessions. You should monitor your practice session. Record your practice and then listen it well and work especially on the areas you need to improve. Then work on it. It will help you control your practice.

Do not tire yourself: Practicing piano is more your improvement with activity. Do not over do it and make it tedious. Over practicing will make piano boring for you.

We really hope that tips can be helpful to you.

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