Piano and Your Back

Simple relaxation exercises could aid you better.

Simple relaxation exercises could aid you better.

Playing piano might be your favorite hobby but still doing it for longer periods of time without sitting properly or being uncomfortably seated could invite back pain. In general, when we sit to play a piano, either in a bench or chair, height does matter a lot as they have influence over the two muscles that connect the inner side of your shoulder blade and the spine. Sitting upright with your hands extended to play over the piano could cause these specific muscles called ‘rhomboids’ to get over-tight that become the major reason for getting upper back pain. Also, in case if you are using bench, adjusting its height according to the height of the piano and using a soft cushion could be of great relief for your back bones.

Remember that you pianists are like athletes and have the pressing responsibility of maintaining good health. It is also natural for us to get deep into the music while playing thus losing concentration over our bad body pose. Be aware! Do not hunch when you sit because, though it might seem to be comfy in the initial stage, as time passes, it brings more pain and pressure over the shoulder bones. Always make it a point to keep your shoulders and hands relaxed. The more you give strain to them the more you are likely to get pain. Doing some stretching exercises with the aid of a physiotherapist could give better results in case you are already suffering from this chronic back pain while playing piano. Maintain the line of gravity as shoulder, elbow and wrist joints as it gives more support and comfort for you. These are some ways to get rid of pain and avoid getting back pain.

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