Nutrition for Pianists: Feeding a Musical Brain

Irrespective of the field in which we shine, we have the important task of maintaining our health to succeed in our career. In that aspect, being a pianist, you too have your own responsibilities and rights to take in the right nutritious diet. For the spectator who is watching you play the piano, you might seem to be a privileged person sitting in the mid of the arena and with everyone’s attention focused on you. As you play, you might even seem to be at the epitome of glory according to a normal man. True of course! But little would they know about the stress, pain, and other difficulties that you encounter.

Speaking about healthy nutrition of pianists, you have to take care to reduce oil and other buttery contents before the time of concert. It slows down your digestion process and at that time of tension, it adds more giddiness and you would feel even more panicky. Other unhealthy foods like junk items, beverages and sodas might seem to work wonders for just a few moments but in the long run they do nothing other than deteriorating your health. The first symptom that warns you about lagging healthy diet is that you would not be able to cope with your ‘cold hands’. Your piano teacher might be able to enumerate so many reasons for your ‘cold hands’ like lack of awareness, stage fear, shallow breathing and many more.

But keep in mind that incorrect nutrition is more responsible than all of these reasons. So, feeding your musical brain with the ideal food that could boost your stamina is vital to assist you in creating wonders on-stage!

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Only the right nutrition could assist you in tapping out your talent!

Only right nutrition could assist you in tapping out your talent!

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