Spotlight: Country Piano

Reminiscent of rural life!

Reminiscent of rural life!

Country piano refers to the pianos which were used to play with the rural string bands to record the countryside music. The rhythms of such music used to be percussive and made the beats of dance more distinct. One of the examples of such country piano recording can be taken from 1927 when Ralph Peer recorded the Shelor Family String Band of Virginia at the renowned Bristol Sessions. With this recording, the records by The Carter Family, Jimmie Rodgers and Ernest Stonemena could also be seen. The country piano witnessed a fall for some time. But it again came to the mainstream soon.

Sam McGee, the star from Opry was one of some famous country pianists who gained popularity in this category. There are many more names to mention in the list of country pianists. Country piano was influenced by boogie-woogie piano during World War II. Moon Mullican is one name which grew as a star in the field of country piano and gave hit recordings such as New Pretty Blonde and Cherokee Boogie during this era. Owen Bradley from Nashville is another name who contributed to country piano music by making hard efforts with the dance band of located in Nashville. Other pianists who contributed in making country piano widespread and popular are Fred Rose, Merrill Moore, Roy Hall, and Floyd Cramer.

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