Three Fundamental Stretches for Runners

 Stretches are very vital for runners to have flexibility and stamina.

Stretches are very vital for runners to have flexibility and stamina.

Runners ought to have a lot of stamina when compared to the other sports athletes. As they have to run incessantly, the moment they trigger out from their beginning point, the stretching exercises would really help them a lot in enhancing their form and speed. Here are three fundamental stretches for runners that would enable them to run even better.The first one is stretching the calves. Tight calves are a sign for the runners to get injured easily with calf strain. This stretch is done by placing one foot in behind the other by holding onto a wall. Keep your feet perpendicular to the wall and lean forward without bending your knees. Balance in this position for forty seconds and return to a normal pose. Now interchange the position of the legs and repeat this stretch. This exercise makes your calves more flexible.

The second stretch is concentrated over your quadriceps muscles that are located in the front of your thighs. Stand up straight and balance yourself with one hand on the wall, say left. Then bend your left knee and use your right hand to bring your left foot up to your buttocks. Inhale and exhale rhythmically as you do this. Now change the stretch for the right leg. Do this until each leg gets two to three turns. By stretching your quadriceps, you could get the major control over your leg muscles. Yet another stretch for runners is stretching the piriformis muscle.

Runners should be acquainted with the location of this muscle that runs between the hip and sacrum. This stretch ensures you that your hip is flexible. This stretch is performed by sitting on the ground. Stretch out one leg and bend the other at the knee. Then slowly with the help of your hands, pull the foot and knee of the bent leg towards your chest as you would feel the stretch in your sacrum area. Now that your leg is cradled within the chest, hold this pose for 30 seconds and change the legs. This stretch has the maximum effect for runners and enables them to take longer steps while running. These are just a few of the basic stretches that the runners ought to know.

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