Piano: Beating Procrastination

Determined to play it right now!

Determined to play it right now!

Procrastination is the act of substituting urgent tasks with the tasks of less urgency. In such an act, the person involved delays the urgent tasks due to the level of difficulty associated with them and prefers to do the tasks which are easy and less important. This phenomenon is quite natural with piano students. They prefer to practice the easier pieces of music and postpone the difficult pieces of music for practicing later on. However, it can be overcome by following some steps.

You must know the song completely and make sure you really want to play the song. You can also look for some alternative section to have the desired results of playing the song.

Following this, you must find out the sections which cause trouble to you or cause to stop you down during piano playing. Don’t try to leave the difficult sections and playing easier ones over and over again.

Then find out what the real problem is with playing the difficult sections such as note-reading, phrasing, timing, fingering etc. This will help you in sorting out the real problem.

Once the real problem is identified, you may ask for help from your piano teacher to sort out the problem.

You must also check other measures such as the place where you practice, your practice schedule etc. to find out if they are also suitable to your piano playing. Sometimes, such factors also induce the process of procrastination in pianists due to distractions or lack of interest.

Once all the issues have been solved, the act of procrastination in playing piano will improve automatically.

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