NYC: Sing for Hope Pianos Project

Piano all the way through NYC!

Piano all the way through NYC!

The Sing for Hope Pianos Project is one of the leading public art projects of the New York City. Counting 88 in number, the pianos have been brought to the parks and public places of all the five areas of the city to play and get amused. Properly practiced as well as unrehearsed concerts are represented by expert as well as novice pianists on these pianos equally in an open carnival in which all the elements of the cultural diversity of the population of New York are involved. After staying in the public for two weeks, these pianos are then donated to healthcare facilities, schools and social centers so that piano students associated with these institutes may use them.

The Song for Hope Piano Project has been made possible by the joint efforts of the originators of non-profit organization Sing for Hope. Camille Zamora and Monica Yunus started this project for those piano artists who wish to reciprocate to the community by way of musical art. The total numbers of 88 pianos in the city represent total 88 keys of the piano. The conviction behind this project is that the arts have distinct power to raise and combine together people as well as societies. This project has been made successful by the volunteer services of many artists who understand artistic needs of the society and help in fulfilling the same through this project.

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