Piano: Impress Your Friends with Jazz Improv

When your piano basics are strong, you could excel in Jazz Improvisation too!

When your piano basics are strong, you could excel in Jazz Improvisation too!

As you pianists know, improvisation is nothing but composing newer tunes with the sound knowledge of the basics. If you wish to master improvisation, your foundation has to be strong. As Albert Einstein said, “Creativity is knowing how to hide your sources.” Being a jazz improviser, it is your skill along with inspiration and creativity to compose better tunes to the extent that its basics could not be easily identified. The best and easiest way to start  jazz improvisation is to master the Bb scale. Once you are thorough with the Bb scale, go for the rhythm section and then start the MIDI file. As you play, check out if you are playing it right and not getting lost in the midway of playing. If you have mastered this skill, go for practice other majors like Eb, C, G, F and D.

Mastering these majors is vital because only then you could play the music without reading it and that is the ultimate goal of jazz improvisation that would impress your buddies! The fundamentals that lie in successful jazz improv are so much that the moment you sit in front of your piano, you begin to play these majors and scales unconsciously. Once you are thorough with the basic rules, it is high time for you to break the rules. Also, it is equally important to master the chord progression as this has a vital place in improvising your jazz performance. Keeping these points in mind, get into action as it is high time for you to impress your pals with your splendid jazz improv!

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