Teaching Not Just Piano, but Joy for Music

Source of amusement and pleasure too!

Source of amusement and pleasure too!

We have come across many people who are teaching piano to other students. Some pianists pursue this career to earn money while some others pursue it to get famous but there are some pianists who are teaching piano for the joy of music. These pianists have a deep passion for music and teaching this great art to others.

Jacqueline Ryz is one such pianist worth mentioning who has been bestowed with the art of piano playing by the Almighty. She has a deep passion for piano which serves as a source of motivation and encouragement for the students. Apart from her skills in piano, the way she finds joy in playing as well as teaching piano to others is really wonderful. Since she has a deep dedication for this instrument and its music, therefore she produces new pianists who have extra-ordinary high standards.

One more pianist who teaches piano and gets pleasure from it is Alice Peterson. She ihas been running Joy in Music Piano Studio since 2000. The way she teaches piano is to persuade students to produce music in a joyous manner. The main aim of Alice is to develop functional piano skills in students so that the music may become an indispensable part of regular life. Piano has become an essential part of Alice’s life and she enjoys teaching it to others.

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