How to Design Your Weekly Yoga Schedule

Effective way to practice yoga!

Effective way to practice yoga!

You may be very busy with your routine work – your household jobs, office and other social activities. Amid all these you may not get time to practice yoga even if you wish to do so. For this, you will have to design your weekly yoga schedule so that you may not miss it at any cost. Some tips might be helpful to you.

First of all decide about the poses of yoga with which you would like to start your yoga practice. It is recommended that you start with easy yoga poses first and then move on to higher levels.

Then decide about the venue and time for yoga practice. Morning time is preferable as you would be fresh at that time and full of energy too. Also decide about the time duration e.g. 30 minutes or 1 hour for which you would continue yoga practice.

Also set aside some time for warm up and cool down exercises for yoga practice. It will help you to carry out yoga poses more efficiently.

Set alarm at the time fixed by you for yoga practice over your alarm clock for full one week. It will help you to start at the same time everyday and would help in making you adaptable to the routine yogic exercises.

This way you can design your weekly yoga schedule in an effective manner.

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