Outstanding Contemporary Pianists

Uniquely talented pianist!

Uniquely talented pianist!

Great pianists have existed from time to time who have created memorable compositions by the magic of their fingers on the most elegant musical instrument i.e. piano. We have heard about traditional pianists often. Let’s talk about some great contemporary pianists.

One of the leading artistic pianists of modern times is Alister Spencer from Australia. He specializes in jazz piano and has performed with wide ranging musicians and bands such as The Laughing Clowns, Ed Kuepper, The Australian Art Orchestra and Paul Capsis. He has formed a group of three with Toby Hall (Mike Nock Trio) drums, Lloyd Swanton (the Necks) on double bass and glockenspiel. Alister has recorded many CDs successfully in association with this group. These include Flux, Three is a Circle, fit and Mercury.

Lang Lang from China is another great contemporary pianist who has the credit of giving performances with the best orchestras in China, Europe and United States. He was born on June 14, 1982 and is a concert pianist. At present, he lives in New York City. He was motivated towards Western music and learning piano when he was just two years old. He started learning piano at the age of three and won first prize in music at the Shenyang Piano Competition when he was five years old. He came out victorious in various competitions such as Xing Hai Cup Piano Competition in Beijing, International Tchaikovsky Competition for Young Musicians in Japan and many more.

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