Piano: Playing with an Injury

Great way to get rid of piano playing injuries!

Great way to get rid of piano playing injuries!

Playing piano is a very good experience for anyone. But it is equally true that a person who has to play piano constantly may suffer from injuries in hand, wrists, arms and fingers. As a result, some people think of giving up playing their favorite instrument and some people even do so in reality. However, only a few people know that by opting for some specific methods of playing piano, one can continue with his passion for this musical instrument. These methods help in avoidance of injuries or even let a person play the piano if they are suffering from the injuries.

Bowman method is one such technique which may be employed by pianists. This method includes strengthening of the fingers and a wholesome outlook to muscle coordination. This method also demands from a person that he must sit in right place in correspondence with the notes being played. The pianist must keep on adjusting the posture of his body according to the changing notes on the keyboard so that the fingers, hands, wrists and arms are always in a comfortable position. The comfortable posture of the body will let a pianist play the music in a relaxed manner and hence reduce the injuries. If the pianist is already suffering from some injury, it will stop further increase in the injuries.

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