Incorporating Yoga in Your Artwork

Exploring yoga the artistic way!

Exploring yoga the artistic way!

The term artwork refers to the vast range of human activities and the results of the relevant activities. The main emphasis of an artwork is on illustrative aspect of art which may be in the form of a painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture or some other such media source which may be visualized. Artwork has its applications in the practical form as well in the form of music, theatre, film, dance, literature etc. Since a mass of human population is attracted towards artwork in one form or the other, therefore it can be used to promote yoga and to attract more and more people towards yoga. If you are also an artist, you may incorporate yoga in your art in many ways.
As a painter, you may paint portraits of renowned yogis performing various poses of yoga and the relevant benefits. Similarly, a sculptor may create sculptures depicting yoga asana such as those of yoga , or some simple seated poses. Another great way of incorporating yoga in your artwork is through photography. You can take photographs of people performing yoga at various places in your locality in their natural form as it will yield the best results. You can also ask someone to carry out yoga poses in some natural backgrounds so as to convey the benefits of yoga in the lap of nature to the spectators. You may also create a piece of music devoted to yoga or small documentary film explaining the benefits of yoga.

So there are multiple ways to incorporate yoga in your artwork and let others also become familiar with this healthy art.

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