Piano: Why to keep Your Nails Short

 Short nails are a must to play piano perfectly!

Short nails are a must to play piano perfectly!

Have you ever thought of paying attention to your nails for playing piano? If your answer is no, then you need to check them just now and trim the same if they are too long. Yes, it is absolutely true that you must keep your nails short if you have to play piano regularly. It may seem somewhat awkward but it is quite important for the pianists. Since hands and fingers are the most important body parts which are used in playing piano, these must be well-taken care of.

Long nails cause disruptions while playing a piece of music over piano by producing some unwanted sounds which are quite noisy. Playing piano requires the smooth movement of fingers over the piano keys but long nails prove to be an obstacle in doing so. When you have short nails, you can easily play on piano keyboard with the help of your fingertips. It helps in avoiding any strain on muscles of wrists as well as some other constrictions related to hands, fingers and wrists.

If loud passages are to be played on the piano, then you need to apply extra force on piano keys with the help of your fingertips. And it is possible only be keeping your nails short; otherwise, it will lead to pain in fingers during piano playing.

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