What You Need to Know About Piano Synthesia

Digital piano instructor!

Digital piano instructor!

Synthesia is a piano game which helps the aspirant pianists to learn piano playing by using the falling notes. It is particularly beneficial for beginner level pianists. A person can easily get started with piano playing with the help of Synthesia who even doesn’t know even how to read sheet music. This music game is designed and developed in such a way that it helps the beginners to play songs correctly and hence motivates them to continue piano learning. The fresh piano players can also learn traditional sheet music notes provided they continue with Synthesia.

Synthesia is equally beneficial for seasoned piano players. It is an apt place for them for rapidly sight-reading a fresh piece of music. You can find almost all songs in the MIDI format which are comprehensible by Synthesia. Apart from this, Synthesia also acts as a great accompanying instrument as far as regular practice over piano is concerned. It helps practitioners to harmonize piano lessons. Also the pianists can keep a record of their growth in piano practice with the help of scoring and progression systems.

As far as working of Synthesia is concerned, the pianists have to observe the falling notes and follow the same on their piano. The MIDI files are read by Synthesia which produces the falling notes and shows the same. You can also record your own scores of piano playing by connecting your music keyboard with the help of USB or MIDI adaptor to it. Synthesia works well with a Windows PC or Mac which has been created in the past five years. It also works with all types and models of iPad.

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