Music Therapy Options for Pianists

Music has great healing powers too!

Music has great healing powers too!

Music therapy refers to an interpersonal process under which a professional who is proficient in any field of music such as piano, guitar, violin or any other instrument and helps individuals in betterment and maintenance of their health. In this process, all the aspects of music including emotional, social, physical, spiritual, aesthetic and mental are employed by the music therapists. In this process, the improvement in health of the clients may take place directly through music or it may happen via a relationship which develops amid the therapist and the client.

The foremost requirement to be a music therapist is proficiency in music and hence pianists may also act as music therapists. For this, they need to undergo specialized training from some reputed institute. In this regard, two associations are known all over the world, which symbolize the profession of music therapy as well as the relevant professionals. In other words, pianists may join these institutes to help people improve their health and deal with their problems through the power of music.

The American Music Therapy Association or AMTA-Located at Silver Spring MD, it aims at promoting awareness of general public about relevance and importance of music in dealing with health related problems. This association wishes to make a change in the world through the power of music.

The Certification Board for Music Therapist or CBMT- It is situated in Downingtown, PA. It also aims at making all the individuals of society healthy and stress-free by making use of music therapy. It operates at national level and hence benefiting thousands of people across the nation.

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