Innovative ACT Study Plans

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Preparing for the ACT can be fun!

Preparing for any examination requires lots of concentration, energy and interest. Are you searching for a great SAT or ACT tutor? Look no further. HeyKiki is a trusted educational resource that compares hundreds of tutors based on effectiveness, reliability, and experience.

Besides tutoring, there are many tips floating around online, available for you to take advantage of. The basic ideas and exam tips that any one would give for you are as follows: start learning early, set small and achievable goals each day and work towards them… blah … blah…blah. But apart from these, here are some innovative ideas that will make your studying more interesting and motivational! The usage of study apps would be the most innovative form of preparing for ACT. So, here are some suggested free ACT Study apps for you to pick from!

The first is ACT Question of the day. This app can be used by all android users. Each day a question from both the mathematics and the verbal section pop up on your phone, along with an answer and short explanation. These are aimed at giving you small and useful pieces of info that are easy to recollect. ACTStudent is a more official app, and therefore is the most important for the ACT test takers. Students using this app must register, enabling them to attend tests, review their past scores, get explanations for answers, and more.

To read more about these apps and learn about two comparable apps for the SAT, read Caroline Duda’s article on U.S. News and World Report.

If you’re interested in finding a tutor, we can help! Check out our classes and tutors on HeyKiki and find the perfect tutor for you. If you’d like to learn another subject or activity, we have other tutors and classes in your area on HeyKiki too!

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