Math Games to Play with Your Baby

Mom teaching baby to count

Catch them young and keep them interested.

In this age of constant competition, the pressure for kids to excel is at all time high. As a parent, it is your duty to give your kid a head start. In order to equip kids to face both math classes (find tutors at HeyKiki in subjects like Algebra 1 and Algebra 2) and math challenges in the real world, you can start training them as early as infancy, albeit in a manner suitable for their age. A study conducted in 1992, told about by the New York Times, actually showed that babies as young as 5 months old can understand the concepts of addition and subtraction. Although this may seem crazy, there is no question that introducing babies to math concepts as young as possible sets them up for success in math in the future. Here are a few fun games designed to engage babies and introduce them to the beauty of math.

Shape: This is perhaps the easiest concept to introduce to babies. Start with basic shapes that they see around them regularly. Use everyday objects to teach them shapes. You can use a ball to teach sphere, dice to teach square or a rattle to teach circle and so on.

Size: Teaching babies about size is almost similar to shapes. You can use two balls of different sizes and teach your baby about big and small.

Counting: This activity requires no external objects. You can use either your fingers or your baby’s fingers and teach them how to count.

Remember that the younger your baby, the lesser their retention capacity. This requires you to be patient and repeat the concepts with your child daily. Also keep in mind that they are still just a baby. So if they do not like what is being taught, let it go. The aim of this activity is to make your kid love math and forcing them to do things that they do not like can impact them negatively and will only increase their aversion towards it.

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