Great English Literature Lessons

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Literature is more important than you may think!

Literature is a beautiful thing that when read and studied in depth, can transform the way we live. In TIME, Annie Murphy Paul crafts an article called “Reading Literature Makes Us Smarter and Nicer“, and the title really says it all. Research shows that people who take time to really analyze literature tend to be more empathetic and kind-hearted, as their reading widens their perspective and mindset. So, there’s all the more reason for you to pick up a classic and spend some time with it. Not only will you be exercising your brain, but your heart as well. If you’re interested in learning how to read and write more effectively, check out those tutors and classes through HeyKiki.

Here are some quick lessons for when you do your “deep reading”:

The whimsicalness of poetry:
Unlike prose, poetry is fluid. The same poem can mean different things to you, depending on your emotional state at the time of reading. All you have to do is to approach it with an open mind. While interpreting poetry is purely psychological, defining and breaking it down to its components is more method-oriented. This includes identifying the various figurative elements like alliterations, personifications, metaphors and similes, classifying its rhyme scheme, and exploring its structure.

Stories and prose:
Reading prose has a lot to do with testing your comprehension skills. The complexity level of prose ranges from straight forward to outright convoluted. Students can be introduced to simple texts initially and then be gradually exposed to the higher levels of prose as they gather more experience reading and understanding prose. While reading prose, they should learn to recognize the genre and the purpose of plots, subplots and their intricacies. While on this subject, character sketching should also be studied as it is an equally important component of a work of prose.

Be your own writer:
English literature lessons are a lot more than reading and analyzing the classical works of someone else. It also deals with your ability to identify with your inner author and get him out to try the various genres of writing. Students should not be constrained to traditional writing, but rather must be encouraged to try their hand at multiple styles of writing such as journalism, feminist writing, song writing, fantasy, play writing and so on.

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