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Literacy Among Children is So Important!

Reading is the most important part of education. It becomes the foundation for everything else learned, including writing. Some students are slower in the learning process and do not pick up on reading techniques as quickly. If you or your child is struggling with reading, consider finding a reading tutor through HeyKiki.

Identifying the problem is the first step. Often times, parents and teachers aren’t even aware that a child is struggling with reading. This was the case with Perla, who is highlighted in the Huffington Post article “When Quiet Students Struggle”. Literacy is becoming more and more of an issue, and tutors are here to help.

To teach how to read properly and effectively requires a lot of hard work on the part of a teacher or tutor. Here are some tips for reading tutors.

1. Meet with the students one-on-one. The problems with reading are not easily identified, and your undivided attention must be given to each student who is struggling. Meeting individually allows you to identify the weak and strong points of that particular  student and thus rectify his/her mistakes for effectively.

2. Practice positive reinforcement. Acknowledge your students when they react well to your instruction. It will enhance their confidence and they will learn to read more quickly.

3. Work efficiently. Point out mistakes as soon as you notice them and fix them right then and there. It becomes difficult later on to correct mistakes if they are not dealt with on the spot.

4. Be clear and straightforward. Once you understand the student and their particular needs, come up with a definite plan of how to help them. This will make both you and the student more confident in what you’re doing.

5. Keep track of progress. Develop a system of recording your students’ progress, and make them aware of it from time to time. This will encourage them to keep moving forward.

6. Pace each session well. It’s very easy for students to lose interest if they’re left in the middle of chapters or books between sessions. Do the best you can to set up your tutoring so that each session ends at a good spot.

If you’re interested in finding a tutor, we can help! Check out our classes and tutors on HeyKiki and find the perfect tutor for you. If you’d like to learn another subject or activity, we have other tutors and classes in your area on HeyKiki too!

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