Three Most Important Skills for Math Teachers

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Math Teachers – We Appreciate You!

Being a teacher requires a special set of skills and traits, compared to other careers. Being a math teacher in specific requires even more additional talent to take the subject to the students in a comprehendible way, without ambiguity. This can apply to math tutors as well, who are essentially math teachers at a one-on-one level. If you’re looking for a math tutor in subjects like statistics or calculus, HeyKiki has got you covered. Here are the top three skills that are required for the ideal math teacher!

The first is critical thinking. Teachers should know how to confidently use mathematics in solving problems and should be able to use reasoning and logical power in identifying the problem and finding solutions and alternatives. Mathematics is a peculiar subject because a single problem can have many solutions or can have a single solution with various methods of attaining it. A math teacher should know how to derive the different solutions and should also encourage the students to try different methods to find which one is most effective.

The second skill is writing and communicating effectively. This is common for other subject teachers too, but in connection with math, the teacher has to be more prudent in explaining even the smallest facts clearly, without skipping any steps. The more a math teacher is able to write and explain the concepts with clarity, the more successful math teacher they will be.

Last but not the least is active learning and complex problem solving. A math teacher should be in touch with the latest information pertaining to the subject and should also encourage students to learn new concepts everyday. While explaining complex problems, it is the basic duty of the math teacher to break it down, make the smaller concepts clear, and put it back together again to show the whole picture.

It’s interesting to see what students themselves say they value in their teachers. Nicholas Ferroni interviewed his students about what makes a good teacher and recorded their responses in his Huffington Post blog. Most students cited traits like kindness, enthusiasm, relatability, dedication, passion, and genuine care.

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