Traveling to Take the SAT

SAT Test-Taking Travelers to Hong Kong

SAT Test-Taking Travelers to Hong Kong

The SAT is a standardized test authorized at a global level. Students seeking admission into US colleges or universities from all parts of the world are required to take this test. However, the playing field does not prove to be level. Here in America, the logistics of taking the SAT are set up in a way that keeps the process simple for students. Tutors and classes are readily available to get students ready (check them out at HeyKiki, for SAT, ACT, and more), and test centers are conveniently located at high schools around the nation. This is not the case in China, however.

It has come to the notice of media reporters that around 95% of the students taking the test in Hong Kong are actually from mainland China. This is because there are no test-taking centers on the mainland. These students, who wish to study at the best colleges or universities of the US so as to pursue a better career, must be willing to travel the distance to take the test. Such was the case for Beijing native Xi Zhao. Daniel Golden, in an article for Bloomberg Business, describes Xi’s experience of flying to Hong Kong and South Korea to take the exam as “clearing a hurdle that Americans don’t face”. For Xi, the burden was worth it, however, when her scores earned her acceptance into The University of Southern California.

Most of us would agree that this situation puts Chinese students at a huge disadvantage. The stress and chaos of travel can very well affect their performance on the test.  There is an urgent need to establish SAT test centers in China so that students may take this test without having to make an expedition out of it.

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