What Motor Skills are Most Important on a Math Test?

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Math requires creativity!

At the outset, some might say that motor skills and math have nothing in common. Motor skills are intentional movement that involves a physical or muscular component, so what could they possibly have to do with mind-bending mathematics? If you are searching for a math tutor in subjects like Geometry or Calculus, HeyKiki is the place for you.

What motor skills are required while taking a math test? This might seem puzzling! To see the connection, first let us make clear the concept of motor skills. Motor skills are of two types, gross and fine. In accordance with their names, gross motor skills need large group of muscles to work together to accomplish tasks like walking, climbing and running. These tasks are generally termed as continuous tasks, as there is no significant change in the performance level once learnt.

On the other hand, the fine motor skills are what math is associated with. They require smaller groups of muscles to do specific tasks. Unfortunately, there is a general loss of these fine motor skills if there is no practice over a period of time. These tasks are termed as discrete tasks, and math is certainly one of them. So when you’re practicing your math skills, you’re indirectly sharpening your fine motor skills! Recent research has established a clear connection between fine motor skills and math. In general, young children with sharp fine motor skills succeed in math in the future. This research was conducted by the Davidson Institute and the results are explained in the article “How Fine Motor Skills Influence the Assessment of High Abilities and Underachievement in Math“.

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