Why are the SAT and ACT So Different?

ACT and SAT on a balancing scale

ACT and SAT – Different paths leading to the same destination?

The presence of two different college admission tests, namely, the SAT and the ACT, has been a source of worry for students for a long time now. But what they do not realize is that having a choice between the two actually increases their chances of success. The ACT and SAT are dissimilar in several aspects, and each of them tests for a different set of skills. Students can use this variance to their advantage by presenting the scores of the test which best aligns to their personal abilities. If you are in need of either an SAT or ACT tutor, HeyKiki can help you out with finding one.

The ACT tests how well you know the concepts taught in high school, whereas the SAT tests how well you can apply those concepts in solving problems. Due to this inherent difference, the syllabus covered in the ACT is almost similar to the one you studied in school. The SAT has a slightly altered syllabus which does not include some of the higher level math concepts, such as calculus.

Another area where the two tests differ  from each other is the way in which they are scored. However the new SAT, which is set to launch in March of 2016, will make the two contrasting tests a little less different from each other. SAT scores will be between 200 and 800 for each section, whereas the entire ACT score ranges from 1 to 36. The major differences in scoring stop there, however, when you consider the new SAT. In the current SAT, you will be penalized for every wrong answer and unanswered questions will not be scored. There are no negative marks on the ACT. The new SAT will abolish the wrong answer penalty, in alliance with the ACT. The essay section is also a major difference-turned-similarity between the SAT and the ACT. It is a mandatory component of the current SAT, but will become optional in the new SAT just like it is in the ACT. If this interests you, learn more about how the SAT is becoming more like the ACT, as described by the Washington Post.

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