Why is Calculus So Hard to Understand?

Student Thinking About Calculus at Chalkboard

The fear of calculus stems from insufficient knowledge in algebra and trigonometry.

Calculus is regarded as one of the most inscrutable math topics. It is notorious for its use of more letters and symbols than actual numbers. Students all over the world fret and stress over calculus well before they take it, as rumors about its insane difficulty levels precede the subject. Is it really as hard as it is made out to be? Join us as we explore the answer to this question and dispel the mystery surrounding the complexity of calculus once and for all.

The main reason for the constant hatred of calculus is its heavy dependence on algebra and trigonometry. You must have intermediate to expert level knowledge in these two areas if you want to excel in calculus (for Calculus or Algebra tutors, visits these links to our website, HeyKiki.com). When you fail to satisfy these preliminary requirements, getting a grip on calculus can be a daunting task. So the next time you feel like you can take no more of calculus, try revisiting your old algebraic and trigonometric identities.

Calculus is not hard, it just requires a little more effort than you would normally spend on any other subject. But do not get agitated if your calculus skills are not very sharp even after spending a considerable amount of time and effort on it. If you dig deeper, you will realize that calculus is one of those topics that is filled with “Aha! moments” – things that look so complicated that you thought they would never make any sense will transform into simple statements when you deduce the principle they were built upon. This is why so many students struggle with accelerated versions of calculus like AP Calc. Calculus is a subject that is not understood well when taught on the basis of answering standardized test questions. Teachers of these honors courses are forced to rush students through the concepts without giving them time to derive the meaning and connections behind it all. The Washington Post addresses this issue in an article entitled “Do the math: too much calculus?“.

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