Challenging Essay Questions for High School Students

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Essay Questions Can be Challenging!

Writing is a huge aspect of modern high school education. Students in high school are asked on a regular basis to compose essays about topics of their teacher’s choosing. Often times, this does not give much room for students to express their individual interests and beliefs. When given a choice, students should always go for topics that stand out to them and peak their interest. Doing so allows them to create their most genuine and confident work. If you’re in need of a reading or writing tutor to sharpen your skills, HeyKiki has got you covered.

Although there are infinite possibilities for essay topics, not all are equally challenging. In order to extract the best writing from students, teachers and tutors must present them with engaging and thought provoking topics. Such questions should make students think deeply, express their own ideas, and relate the topic to incidents happening around them. By way of example, students may be asked to attempt any of the following in an essay format:

  • Does dieting actually make you fat?
  • Should students have permission to smoke at school?
  • Is romantic love enough for a successful marriage?
  • Should students be required to wear uniforms in school?
  • Are people too dependent on technology?
  • Should the art of letter writing be revived?
  • Should students be required to attend physical education classes?

Students may explore the web or other sources to find many more challenging essay ideas and questions. Check out this list of 183 Questions for Writing or Discussion from the New York Times for even more inspiration – whether you are a student, teacher, tutor, or none of the above!

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