Hardest High School Math Concepts

Equations on a Chalkboard

Equations like these can drive us crazy!

As we climb up the ladder of education, the level of difficulty increases every step of the way. Mathematics is no exception to this. In our preliminary schooling, we learn – by gaining an understanding of the number system – how to  calculate how many apples Anna has after sharing with Stella. Once we step into high school, we are generally shocked to see the sudden jump in mathematical concepts from the basics to the intermediary level. This sudden transition gives the illusion that the high school math concepts are tougher. But to be frank, once learned with understanding, these concepts simply become the foundation for the next level. In fact, research is showing that math may be so hard for so many people not because of the advanced level of some concepts, but simply because a true understanding of numbers is never achieved. You can read more about this research in the Huffington Post article by cognitive scientist Daniel Willingham. This simply goes to show that even the most basic math principles can prove extremely difficult and challenging at the time they’re first being learned. To learn more about tutoring opportunities in difficult math subjects like Algebra and Geometry, head on over to our website and check out our offerings.

Some specific concepts that stand out as being tough in the minds of students are rational and irrational numbers, linear algebra, and geometry. Trigonometry too could be included with these topics as they all extend quite far from the basic level. At the outset, students tend to get confused between real, rational, and irrational numbers. In linear algebra, coming across a totally different setup like vectors and scalars – unlike the traditional algebra that has only expressions and variables – can be pretty overwhelming. We’ve all seen a triangle. Most of us even know  that it’s a three sided figure that usually comes in three types – the equilateral, isosceles, and scalene. However, trigonometry brings in the new concept of a detailed and exclusive study about right triangles! Although these concepts are labeled as a few of the hardest high school math concepts, they too can be mastered with time, dedication, and lots of practice!

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