Has the ACT Gotten More Difficult?

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Instead of worrying if the ACT has become easy or tough, concentrate on your studies!

From the origin of any exam, a general debate arises over whether or not the exam pattern and its level of difficulty are remaining constant over the years. This is the case with the ACT. A similar question also arises: has the ACT gotten even more difficult considering the past intellectual rises in the minds of ACT test takers? Others hold to the counter opinion, having statistical details as their support. They argue that compared to the percentage of test takers in 1997 that got a score of 36 (0.00771%), in 2011, the percentage who obtained the same mark has increased (0.04337%). Are you about to take the ACT or a similar test? Check out HeyKiki to find ACT and SAT tutors suited to your individual needs.

It is not that easy to come to a conclusion in regard to the difficulty of the ACT. But the fact is that the different versions of the ACT test are weighted and the method by which the scores are converted adjusts them so as to make the marks comparable. Some times you can get a 36 even with a question left blank, other times not. The fact here is that if a particular version of the test proves to be extra difficult, the score conversion is made lenient and the opposite happens when the version is less difficult. But, on the whole, the ACT board prides themselves in being fairly consistent in their level of difficulty.

With the introduction the new SAT in 2016, however, it is hard to the dispute that the SAT is clearly becoming easier in some aspects. For example, students will no longer be penalized 1/4 of a point for every wrong answer. This means that students have the opportunity to get a correct answer even by guessing a random letter on a question that absolutely don’t know. Read more about the new SAT here: College Board has made the SAT even easier – again.

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