How Text Messages Can Help Students Learn Math?

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Texting – just like other forms of communication – helps us learn!

In today’s technological and educational world, text messages refer to written messages sent to each other through the mode of mobile phones. Since mobile phones are easily available to all now-a-days, the use of text messages is increasing at an exponential rate.

Amidst the countless benefits text messaging offers, text messages can actually help students to learn a subject such as math. Through the exchange of text messages between tutors and students or even within groups of students, students can get almost instant solutions to their math problems and dilemmas. It can also help student remain updated about recent changes or updates in the subject matter and curriculum. Check out HeyKiki to find a math tutor in subjects like geometry and statistics.

Tutors can also inform their students about the topics/concepts that are generally harder to grasp by giving them small pieces of information and advice via text message. It captures the attention of students like no other method can, and will allow them to excel through constant reminders and practice.

One of the major advantages of using text messages in learning math is that it’s not restricted to a specific time or place. Students can remain in contact with their tutors and/or classmates to ask for help at any time and in any place.

So we have seen that there are multiple ways by which students may learn math well with the aid of modern technology. Related to this is an entirely new method of tutoring – online tutoring. The Wall Street Journal tells of websites and apps where tutors use online chalkboards and text chats to teach their students. This gives both students and tutors more flexibility and more opportunity to learn. Some limitations, however, include the lack of face-to-face communication and the possibility of technological glitches. Read more from the Wall Street Journal article here.

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