Best Motivators to Increase Your SAT Score

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The stronger your efforts, the better your results.

Preparing for the SAT while simultaneously dealing with regular schoolwork can be quite a handful. At such times, staying on top of things can be a challenge. HeyKiki has tons of reliable SAT and ACT tutors ready to help you through the process.

In addition, you can follow these simple steps to motivate yourself:

Setting a goal is the best motivator to increase your SAT score. Once you decide what your SAT score should be, your preparation will feel more real. Based on the scores you obtain in your practice tests, you can measure your progress quantitatively and motivate yourself to work harder to get an even higher score.

Deciding your ultimate target score is only the first step towards reaching success on the SAT. Now, you have to break this goal into smaller chunks. For example, tell yourself that by this weekend, you will attempt five essay prompts and complete two math exercises. Once you finish these tasks, reward yourself. Rewards are one of the best motivators known to mankind.

If you find yourself under too much stress, you will not be motivated. At such times, letting it go is the best way to move forward. Take a short break and rid your mind of anxiety. Once you feel yourself relax, figure out if you have been too hard on yourself. If the answer is yes, then you have earned this break. If the answer is no, keep the break short and go back to your prep as soon as possible.

The Huffington Post gives 10 Stress-Reducing Strategies For Acing Your Next Exam that can be applied here as well. Some of these tips include drinking plenty of water, meditating, and avoiding last-minute cramming the night before.

Keep your study area free from all sorts of distractions. This includes staying away from things such as your smartphone or gameboy and friends who might keep you from focusing.

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