Three Tips for Kids who Hate Math

young boy with hands on head staring at chalkboard of math equations

A gentle push here and a firm nudge there can goad your kid into liking math

It might be the stuff of nightmares that keep you up at night, but shutting yourself away from math is simply not practical. You might be an aspiring artist but at the end of the day, you still have to count the number of painted canvases to show the fruits of your hard  work. If you need help with math subjects like Algebra 2 and Geometry, HeyKiki has a catalogue of tutors ready to meet your needs.

Here are a few tips to help you deal with kids who hate math and make them understand that math is not the monster it is made out to be.

● Let your kid learn from you. If you hated math as a kid, there is a huge chance of you unintentionally influencing your kid. Children learn a lot from what you say and telling them that you hate math might lead them to think that it is normal to dislike math. Be a math role model to your kid (or get him one). Talk to kids about great mathematicians and the part they played in improving the world through math. Or, tell them stories about a time you solved a complicated math problem and how good it made you feel.

● Understand their fear to overcome it. In most cases, the fear of math is a result of a simple misunderstanding. This can be easily rectified by explaining the point of contention in a different light.

● Make it fun. Math need not always be drab and dreary. Though there are parts of math that are complex, most of the basic underlying concepts are simple and can be made enjoyable by employing creative ways to teach them. There are many simple and subtle ways to get your child used to the idea of math. A Business Insider article entitled “13 Things That You Can Do To Make Your Child A Genius At Math” gives you the secret of some of these methods. They including encouraging your child to play certain board and card games, buying them legos, signing them up for music lessons, and much more.

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