Alternatives to Taking the SAT

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Alternatives for the SAT do exist!

The SAT examination has long been considered the trusted parameter for assessing students’ capabilities unto higher studies. If you’re in need of an SAT or perhaps ACT tutor or class, look no further. HeyKiki will find you the perfect fit.

In recent years, the SAT has been criticized for many reasons, some saying it enables only affluent students to enter high-level educational institutions. That’s why it has been suggested by the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) that alternative methods to the SAT be established.

Creativity and the skills related to problem solving should be the basic criteria for granting admissions to higher educational institutions. This view has been supported by many scholars, who believe these particular qualities demonstrate a student’s ability or lack thereof to achieve at a higher level. Alternatives to the SAT that still emphasize these skills would reduce the amount of well-to-do students who clear SAT by getting expensive and extensive coaching before taking the exam.

One existing alternative to the SAT is the ACT, which has been around since 1959. The ACT prevails in the Midwest, whereas the SAT is popular in the East and West coastal areas. The ACT assesses students’ capabilities with regard to their school-level studies. This test can be passed even by average students who are able to retain information and study well. It is just like a test taken by the students in their classrooms. It is not intended to confuse students with tricky wording, like in the SAT. While the SAT emphasizes the student’s ability to understand the question, the ACT emphasizes the content of the question.

Even still, the ACT presents similar challenges as the SAT does, in that privileged students who can afford the best training are favored. However, the current trend is for colleges to put less and less of an emphasis on test scores for admission. In a Forbes article from 2014, Natalie Sportelli tells of schools making SAT/ACT scores optional. One school – Bard College – has even created an alternative the entire common app. Though most students choose against it, they are given the option to take Bard’s entrance exam consisting of solely essays for admission.

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