Reading Out Loud to Young Children

teacher reading to students

Young children learn better when they are read to out aloud!

Children need to be brought up with love and care in all aspects, and education is no exception to that rule. Teaching them daily lessons requires a well-thought-out strategy including not just content, but also a specific method of delivery. One of the best ways of reading anything is doing so out loud. Looking for a reading or writing tutor? HeyKiki is the place for you.

Here’s why reading aloud is so beneficial:

a. It results in higher level of literacy acquisition and word-sound awareness.

b. Reading skills are developed in an accelerated manner.

c. It results in the stimulation of cognitive skills and language.

d. Vocabulary level is increased dramatically.

e. A positive attitude is built amongst children if parents read out aloud to them. Contact with books and other reading tools becomes more powerful.

f. Children are taught to adjust to stressful moments.

g. They are able to memorize difficult words easier if they hear them out loud. The same holds true with important events or ideas.

h. Reading aloud to kids boosts their self confidence and enables them to grasp lessons in an effective manner.

i. Overall motivation and memory increases.

Many parents will read to their children up until they can read themselves, but not after that. A study (as told by the New York Times) shows, however, that children who are read aloud to up until the age of 11 show more love for reading and are more frequent readers. Even if a child is capable of reading on his/her own, it’s still highly beneficial to read to him/her out loud.

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