Writing Stories in Groups

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Give them the opportunity to excel with their story line!

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When it comes to writing stories in groups, one of the best ways to get the imaginative and original ideas out is to think together! As a teacher, you could very well organize for your students to write stories in groups. This group could be either a pair or a group of five or six. Allot them a specific amount of time and ensure that they follow it. Give them a story line to start with, to avoid wasted time in deciding on one. Say, about a fairy! If any group has a prepared alternative, listen to what they have to say and allow them to move forward with it, if feasible. In the Huffington Post, Brett Hunt gives “2 Great Exercises to Help Kids Love Creative Writing“. She recommends that in partnered creative writing, teachers should write the opening line, rather than giving a topic. This too is a fun way to steer the students in a specific direction, while still allowing them creative freedom.

Next, clearly communicate to them that their story should have a traditional theme, a twist from this traditional theme, some suspenseful or thrilling turning points, and some surprising and sweet twists that bring the story to an end. Having given the key ingredients to the students to cook a beautiful story, then give them space and let them discuss and pen down their story. Once the story writing is over, go through each and make minor edits for things like grammar and punctuation.  Now, let a representative from each group read out the story aloud to the entire class and once the reading is over, let the other groups pose sensible questions regarding the story. This questioning session is so very vital, as it gives the opportunity for the group to improve upon their story, making it even more amazing.

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