Piano Lessons in NYC Spotlight: The Olympic Fanfare

Olympic Fanfare

Olympic Fanfare

The Olympics never fail to promote the sense of good sportsmanship and unity between countries, whose young athletes come together every two years to celebrate the pinnacle of physical perfection and athleticism. Yet the regal fanfare, the opening ceremony and the familiar symbols of the Olympic Games carry just as much importance in symbolizing the values of the Games.

The Olympic Hymn or Anthem, composed by Spyridon Samaras, is played when the Olympic flag is raised and has been the official hymn by the International Olympics Committee  (IOC) in 1957.

It is the “Bugler’s Dream” from Leo Arnaud’s Charge Suite that is the most widely recognized Olympic theme. Written in 1958, it has been used in the NBC and ABC broadcasts of the games since 1964.

John Williams composed his own “Olympic Fanfare and Theme” for the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles. He has written Olympic themes for several games since, but the “Olympic Fanfare and Theme” is still used in the network broadcast for the games. While not as widely known as Arnaud’s theme, it is still recognizable to the American public.

Want to learn how to play the Olympic anthems when you and your family and friends gather ’round to watch the games? Find piano lessons and piano instructors for all levels in NYC on HeyKiki.

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The 2012 Olympics: Meet Sgt. Jamel Herring, The Soldier Boxer

Sgt. Jamel Herring prepares for the Olympics

Sgt. Jamel Herring prepares for the Olympics

Interested in boxing lessons in NYC and love the Olympics? Check this out!

When it comes to the 2012 Olympics, it’s always nice to profile someone from the area who shares the same interests as us. It brings the excitement of the Games closer to home by localizing the fun of it all. In this case, let us meet Sgt. Jamel Herring, a Long Island native and captain of the U.S. Boxing squad in London.

After serving two tours in Iraq, the U.S. Marine strived to achieve his real passion: the sport of boxing. This is the first time in twenty years that a Marine hopped into the ring to show off his American pride. Herring has told reporters that the Corps taught him the discipline and determination he needs in the ring. He also mentions that the death of his daughter a few years back due to SIDS Disease is an inspiration for the fighter as well.

In the Games so far, it’s unfortunate for us to share that Herring actually lost to his opponent from Kazakhstan, Daniyar Yeleussinov. The loss has ended Herring’s bout at the Olympics this time around but it doesn’t put a finale on his career. After boxing for eleven years or so, the former Marine is not letting the loss bring him down and he will continue fighting for his passion.

If that doesn’t inspire you to get back into your boxing lessons in NYC, we give up.

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Yoga Lessons in NYC: Bikram Yoga Preps British Olympians

Bikram yoga - if it's good enough for Rob and Marian Heffernan, it might be worth giving a shot!

Bikram yoga – if it’s good enough for Rob and Marian Heffernan, it might be worth giving a shot!

If you’ve been taking yoga lessons in NYC recently, you may not have seen any Olympic athletes in your classes, but that doesn’t mean that yoga hasn’t played a role in training regimens for this year’s games. In fact, make no mistake – though yoga is not an Olympic event (or at least, not yet, as some currently argue), it’s played something of a role as a sponsor of every Olympic event, with some of this year’s athletes using Bikram yoga to stay in shape for the occasion.

“Bikram yoga counteracts injury depression,” Irish race walker Robert Heffernan recently told Cork Independent. “I feel great after it, even though it’s torture and I’ll be back again tomorrow.” Heffernan and his wife, track runner Marian, have used Bikram yoga to get ready for the Olympics, and considering Bikram’s particular emphasis on recovery, it’s a facet of yoga that makes perfect sense for the games.

And they’re not the only ones who have been using yoga to get ready. English competitors including tennis superstar Andy Murray, sprinter Christian Malcolm, and baskebetball players Eric Boateng and Luoi Deng have all noted that Bikram yoga has helped them in their quest to stay at their physical feats for their respective events.

So when you’re setting up your yoga lessons in NYC, give a ninety-minute Bikram yoga class a try – the unique breathing exercises and twenty-six practiced poses may not turn you into an Olympian, but if it’s good enough for one, it’s certain worth checking out!

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Yoga Lessons in NYC: Yoga… In the Olympics?

USA Yoga aims to take yoga to a competitive level.

USA Yoga aims to take yoga to a competitive level.

No matter how much you love yoga lessons in NYC, or how dedicated you are as a yogi, for most, it’s hard to imagine the words “yoga” and “competitive” in the same paragraph. Yet with the London Olympic games now underway, the debate continues to rage about whether or not the Olympics should recognize yoga as a competitive event, with one group in particular spear-heading the charge.

The non-profit organization USA Yoga seeks to have Yoga Asana (or, that is to say, seated yoga) acknowledged as an official Olympic event. How would yoga even be scored on a competitive level you may wonder? Despite the potential novelty value of seeing USA and Russia square in downward dog, yoga would be treated more like gymnastics.

Each individual athlete would perform a series of poses over the course of five minutes – five poses being mandatory (standing head-to-knee, standing bow-pulling, bow, rabbit, and stretching) and two being up to the athlete in question – to a panel of judges, who determine skill based on pure physical ability, as opposed to any other resultant meditative feats accomplished.

With over 25 million yoga practitioners in the United States alone, such a proposal seems like no-brainer – it cultivates awareness for yoga, garners enthusiasm for yoga lessons in NYC, while grooming further zeal among pre-established fans. All the same though, many feel that stripping yoga down into a solely physical challenge robs it of its more spiritual, personal benefits. But with the London Olympics only ramping up now, there’s plenty of time for this debate to continue as Rio’s 2016 games near.

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The 2012 Olympics: Meet The U.S.A. Olympic Boxing Team!

The Olympic countdown has begun.

The Olympic countdown has begun.

Here at HeyKiki, we’re going crazy for the Olympics and, for our boxing lessons in NYC, it only makes sense that we explore who is representing our country in the Summer Games. Boxing has been a major event in the Olympics for over a hundred years and has made for some of the most thrilling moments in the Games’ history. Let’s see the team!

This year, the United States will send 12 boxers to the Olympic Games – the largest delegation in our country’s history. The team was assembled from qualifying Championships across the globe. The roster includes:

Flyweights: Marlen Esparza, Rau’Shee Warren

Bantamweights: Joseph Diaz Jr.

Lightweight: Queen Underwood, Jose Ramirez

Light Welterweight: Jamel Herring

Welterweight: Errol Spence Jr.,  Claressa Shields

Middleweight: Terrell Gausha

Light Heavyweight: Marcus Browne

Heavyweight: Michael Hunter

Super Heavyweight: Dominic Breazaele

With this team in hand, the U.S. is on the way to a showdown at the Olympics. Games start on July 27th so start taking those boxing lessons in NYC as soon as possible to prepare yourself.

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