Highest GMAT Scores in History

An upward trend in GMAT scores exhibits high mental caliber of students!

An upward trend in GMAT scores exhibits high mental caliber of students!

The standardized test which is meant for getting admission into post-graduate business management courses i.e. GMAT is quite tough. Although it is very difficult to get high scores in this test however some students make hard efforts and get high scores in this worthwhile test. There is a long list of such students from various universities who have got high scores in GMAT but some of them have done outstandingly well and have made a record in the history of GMAT scores.

For instance, Indian students from Indian Institute of Management, Ahmadabad who have enrolled for Post Graduate Program in Management for Executives attained an average score of 728. This score is the highest in the world.

Apart from this, the students from Stanford University managed to get as high as 725 average scores in the GMAT.

The scores mentioned above are more than 700 and hence a good score out of a total of Eight hundred scores of the GMAT test.

In addition to this, other highest scores in the history of GMAT are those attained by the students of Indian School of Business Hyderabad. This scores stands at 714. It’s a good score indeed which has resulted due to the hard efforts made by the students.

Other highest scores in the list are 727 from Harvard Business School, 725 from Stanford Business School and 723 for University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business.

These high scores are definitely milestones in the history of GMAT scores.

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