Great Pianists to Learn About

Evergreen pianist of all times!

Evergreen pianist of all times!

There have been great pianists from time to time who have brought laurels to the music industry across the globe due to their unique talents. These pianists belong to different parts of the world which shows that music is a universal art. Let us have a look at some of the greatest pianists of all times.

Artur Schnabel was an Austrian pianist who was an expert in core German composers. He was the foremost pianist to make complete recording of the Beethoven Sonatas. He had a deep understanding of the intellectual and divine aspects of any work of music. At the same time, he abstained from showing technical brilliance of the pieces of music played by him.

Wilhelm Kempff was a German pianist who focused mainly on the German music and kept on playing concerts even when he reached the age of eighty. He was quite creative in producing new rhythms. He was an expert in extracting out the charm, natural elements, and lyricism exclusively in intimate pieces of music.

Alfred Brendel is an Austrian pianist who is now teaching piano in London. He has the credit of recording four complete sets of Beethoven Sonatas. His uniqueness lied in sticking accurately to the score of music and was also able to find out sudden or unpredicted moments of humor in Classical assortment of music.

Emil Gilels was a pianist who was born in Odessa and then moved to Moscow. He became the top Soviet pianists of his day along with Richter. He was the foremost Soviet pianist to perform in a concert in the West. He had a ‘golden’ sound. It means that he was able to play even the most difficult pieces of music while keeping up his polished tone as well as depth of feeling.

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