Great GMAT Resources at Work

Use technology to your advantage - study with your smartphone

Use technology to your advantage – study with your smartphone

Preparing for the GMAT while balancing your day job can be quite tricky. You have to use your time to the maximum possible extent without burning yourself out. Due to all this additional stress, staying motivated can be a challenge. To beat the blues, get a co worker to join you in your GMAT prep. This way, you will have a study partner at work and you can motivate each other to make sure that your preparation is right on track. Take your tea breaks together and spend the time sipping tea and going through tricky math formulae alternately.

Carrying all your GMAT stuff to the office will only draw unwanted attention to you. There is no point in letting the whole world know that you will be donning the student’s hat pretty soon. In such cases, online resources and mobile apps help you prepare unobtrusively. Nowadays, there is no dearth for online GMAT resources. You are just a web search away from good online GMAT material.

Many people, especially your managers, frown upon preparing for GMAT while you are at work. After all, work hours are for working. But it is not technically cheating if you have a quick lunch and spend the rest of your lunch hour working on your math problems. Or you can have a quick glance at those problematic word flash cards while waiting for a meeting to start. If you have someone to drive you to work, you are one among the privileged few. Use the travel time to and from wisely.

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